Subjects and Timetabling

Student timetabling incorporates core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities) as well as additional curricular (Music, Art, Cooking Health/PE, Design Media, Dance, Drama and Coding). Year 7 students rotate through the additional curricula each term, while Years 8 and 9 elect their extra-curricular. All students also undertake Wellbeing lessons each week for learning on self-care, interpersonal relationships and healthy lifestyle choices.  The Wellbeing Program is undertaken as a whole school approach and is contiguous through the years.

Lesson Times are as follows:

8.10-Home Group

8:30 am – Lesson 1

 9:30 am – Lesson 2

 10:30 am – Recess (30 minutes)

 11 am – Lesson 3

  12 pm – Lesson 4

  1:00 pm – Lunch (30 minutes)

  1:30 pm – Lesson 5

   2:30 pm – End of school day