Subjects and Timetabling

Student timetabling incorporates core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities) as well as additional curricular (Music, Art, Health/PE, Media). Year 7 students rotate through the additional curricula each term, while Years 8 and 9 elect their extra curricular (with the additional option of Drama). All students also undertake Wellbeing lessons each week for learning on self care, interpersonal relationships and healthy lifestyle choices.  The Wellbeing Program is undertaken as a whole school approach and is contiguous through the years.

Lesson Times are as follows:

 8:10 am – Lesson 1

 9:15 am – Lesson 2

 10:20 am – Recess (30 minutes)

 10:50 am – Lesson 3

  11:55 am – Lesson 4

  1:00 pm – Lunch (30 minutes)

  1:30 pm – Lesson 5

   2:30 pm – End of school day