School Council

What do we do at School Council?

As a school representative body, we provide relevant input to decisions being made by the school, and the Department of Education, on issues that directly impact our school community. These decisions can be on matters such as budgeting and spending, infrastructure development, school communications and other matters arising.

Who can come along?

Whilst School Council has elected Parent Representative positions, ALL PARENTS are welcome to come along to School Council meetings to participate and contribute.

Where do we meet?

Meetings are held in the staff room in the Admin block from 5.30 pm on the third Monday of each month during school terms.

Next Meeting: TBA

Chair: Michael Hohnen

Secretary: Brett Murphy

Treasurer: Rebecca Karanikolas and Nicole Slavin

Parents : Sylvia Siskamanis, Jodie Peters, Rachel Lovett & Helen Treacy

Invited Guest: Natasha Fyles

Prinipal: Marty Isaksen

Teachers: Eva Kokkinomagoulas, Val Momuat

We’d love to see some more parents there!